Feedback From Men Who Have Attended…

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The following are comments we’ve received from men who attended past events.

This was the best retreat I’ve ever attended.

I was skeptical about attending again, but WOW! I mean WOW! I’m so glad I came… I will be here every year!

So many burdens have been lifted. For the first time I sense clarity and see a purpose in my life. I now live for God and aspire to live out his will for me. Thanks for the prayer and revelation.

I cannot thank you enough for this weekend. I came beat down, without a desire in my life. I came actually asking God to put a desire in me. This weekend showed me I had lost heart. And with this weekend God is bringing me back to life.

I am so grateful to you all. Thank you!! I so badly needed to just recharge and refuel. The team did an outstanding job teaching and delivering God’s message. What an outstanding weekend with GOD!!! PS. I now get to apply what I have learned “All through and for God.”

What a great weekend! I could feel the prayer, especially Friday night. I was struggling to overcome the battle that it took to get here for the weekend. We serve such an amazing God! He has spoken to me this weekend and I desperately needed to hear and feel his love. Thank you so much.

This weekend has meant so much to me. How I’ve felt toward my father has changed so much. My pain has been lifted and I’m ready, brick by brick, to finally start a relationship with him. I have healed wounds this weekend through Christ that I had no idea I had; they were so deep. I have learned the core of being a man with my beauty, my father, my family and friends, and how to live like one for the rest of my life. The impact of this weekend is immeasurable. I was baptized in the lake [on Saturday] and washed away the “old me” and allowed Christ to make me new. I have started a great relationship with my own heart, which I was so scared to do before. My God is my Father and I full heartedly believe that. I thank the prayer team; your prayers were answered. I thank God for it. He planted a seed in me that will grow and grow until the day I seem him again.

I came here this weekend not knowing what to expect. I quickly discovered that this weekend was about rediscovering my true self and what was at the center my heart and soul. I have not walked with God in my heart ever. But, this weekend has shown me what the light of God will show me going forward. I have many issues that I have sought help and relief from and never gained any results, but I now have an idea on where to find it in my heart. My faith in God has been lacking, but this weekend has shown me how to build it. Through faith and prayer and also the friends I have met, I know I can begin, for the first time ever, my daily walk with God and that through him all is possible. Please pray for me that I may find the strength I need to continue this journey every day, the rest of my life. PS. I would like any information and guidance I can receive from you going forward. (Note: He came to Christ at the conclusion of the weekend!)

I just wanted to congratulate you on a first class success at the LIFEQUESTweekend. Everyone, and I mean everyone, felt it was awesome beyond any expectation they had. I have heard many testimonies of very significant impact on men’s lives.

This was an amazing weekend and journey with God into the deep parts of my past. I read Wild at Heart about a year ago but couldn’t pinpoint my wounds. God opened me up to events and defining moments that Really changed the course of my life, and I had no clue. He’s freed me of the agreements I made back then. I truly have clarity, maybe not total, but I’m at a defining point in this journey. Freedom: it is a beautiful thing. I’m truly thankful for what you guys have done here. The Lord is moving in a big way through this message. I’ve found clarity in pursuit of the beauty in my life as well. I hope to live it as best as God wants me. I know there are many, many men who need to hear what was presented here this weekend. Keep pursuing those hearts as God moves you. Truly, thank you for your obedience.

I thought the organization was great. The order of events and messages were thought out well. The movie clips were entertaining and a great transition/attention getter. Thanks a lot. Much appreciated and God bless you.

God has blessed, restored, and provided vision with strength. Thank you, and thank you for your prayers.

I learned what my wound is. What wounds I have caused and am causing. I learned how to process some of it and have mainly been humbled. Thanks for the experience.

This weekend has given me a lot of insight into my wounds and it has given me the ammunition and armor to be the warrior I need to be for myself, my wife, and my family. Thank you!

I’ve learned that there has been some healing and forgiveness in my life with my father. I’ve learned that I may have not addressed the way I was molded by my father as a boy. I’m going to be working on how to change the things that make me who I don’t want to be. I [will be able to] understand my wife and the things my wife may have gone through. Thanks.

Thanks! I appreciate everything.

This weekend was Great! It really gave me some clarity into the world of posing and the different ways I was posing, know it and not knowing it.

This Wild at Heart Retreat has been very enriching and positive. It has opened up many doors to my heart with what I have encountered this weekend. I am sure God will lead me through the right one.

Thank you for an awesome weekend. Thank you for reminding me who I am as a man of God. I have allowed satan to steal my joy. I will take back my heart. Pray for me as I continue to mentor young men… to help them see who God created them to be. I love you, brothers. In his grace and love with a grateful heart. FREEDOM!

Dear All involved with Wild at Heart: This weekend was a true blessing from God. The teaching of what it really looks like to truly live life to the fullest for our God. The time spent with God away from the busyness of life has been a need in my life. We all need things like what this weekend has done for me to [enable me to] battle the enemy — the push back from the world, and the gearing up with weapons of truth. Wow, I just can’t put it all into words. It’s a must do for all guys! Thank you so much for all this weekend has meant to me and will mean to me to come!!

I thought [the pace] and the way you laid out the weekend was excellent.

Jason’s testimony was powerful and life changing.

I have been a loner much of my adult life… I have developed and gained a whole new self and strength… my faith in Him has been restored and I have a new sense of dignity and respect for everybody.

Your prayers have been effective…. God is validating me.

God has an adventure for me.

I learned about my struggle with validation with women.

I think the recognition of having a “Poser” self was amazing! It changes my life goals… and so much more…. it changes my entire self.

Thank you for your prayers… I was successful in understanding my purpose for being here.